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[VIDEO] 100 Top Cool Inventions

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Coolest Inventions So Far in 2015

This is the list.  Those in BOLD are related to our interests – Robots & Electronics Related.  Things are looking bright for robots.  18 out of 100- not bad

Geminoid, PowerUp 3.0, BOOKINITURE, Omote, Cordskinz, Ruku, Rhino Shield, fahz, Cicret Bracelet, OmniO Rider, Packet Pixcels, BottleLoft, FOURNEAU, Mycestro, MyType, Scribble, Blitab, i-Road, Replica Foods, IMMERSIS, Hengentou, Flamethrower, YOTAPHONE, Skybell, Brick Lamp, Edible Growth, Square Watermelon, Toothscan, Transformer Table, Stand Up Stand in a Tube, ArcLighter, SWITL, Snapjet, Liftware Spoon, Peek Retina, Tiny Houses, Kemper 2020, Tiger Stone, Helix, Impossible, WATERWOLF, Geco, Zano, zeppelin, DALER, Spot, Ping-pong Robot, Versaball, kraftwerk, InfiniteUSB, keyport, GoBQ Grill, LIGHTORS, Lockitron, Airlander, ROBEAR, SnapPower Charger, KaliPAK, Plant-e, Equil Smartmarker, MagBak Case, Power Cushion, AirTable, OLYMPUS AIR, IO HAWK, RocketSkates, NailO, HoloLens, Atheer labs developer kit, Micra, Revolution CT, PillCam, iSketchnote, matterport, Gravity Hook, Tread, ShapeShark, 3Doodler, Smart Rope, aerodrums, Magnetic, TextBlade, Sonic Hour Portable, BionicANTs, eMotionButterflies, Egoista EM01 Stradale, ProjectorPad, Flex Cam PIC, PancakeBot, InnoGlass, Rochester Cloak, Robotic Kitchen, Desolenator, AVERT, Rain on request, Flow Hive, AeroMobil, Sound Extinguisher, da Vinci Surgery.

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